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"Zan’tesh looked at him intensely. He softened and moved into Razum-dar’s space, he put his hands on the elder Khajiit’s shoulders. There he stood and just stared into Razum-dar’s eyes. “I feel the same way.”

Razum-dar became quite confused, ears moving backwards, but not all the way down. “Zan… don’t do this to Raz…” He sounded almost pleadingly. “This one thought he lost you in Coldharbour…” His hands cautiously moved to lie on Zan’tesh’s hips. His skin tingled all over. He stared into Razum-dar ’s eyes as though the Divines’ secrets were hidden there.

“You don’t have to worry this time…” Zan’tesh reassured him, smile soft and small. “I have no intention of engaging a Daedric Prince in a duel for all the souls of Nirn any time soon.” Razum-dar rolled his eyes, but chuckled despite the fear and anxiety he felt throughout the whole ordeal.

“I never thought of it before, if I’m going to be honest,” Zan’tesh mused, half-smiling. “But thinking back on our time together, I definitely regarded you differently than anyone else… You’re special to me like no one else has been.”

Razum-dar & Zan’tesh Kijioni drawn by the blessed @enaykin-art. My Khajiit son and his Cat Husband™.

It’s a beautiful scene that he had chosen from my one shot fic, Pussycat.

This is the fourth commission I’ve gotten from him and I am no less amazed by this than I was the last three times."

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